Who Needs a Village?

It's a Mom Thing

by Dr. Rosemary Stein, pediatrician and author
Dr. Rosemary Stein has devoted her career to helping children achieve their best possible outcomes in life. That is why I selected her for my Health Care Advisory Council. I highly recommend her book which will help all parents achieve this goal for their children. Only by saving our children can we save our country. Dr. Ben CarsonPediatric Neurosurgeon

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About the author


Dr. Stein is the owner and founder of IFC Pediatrics. A native of New York, Dr. Fernandez Stein completed her high school as an exchange student in Montreal, Canada where she became fluent in French. She attended medical school in the Dominican Republic, and completed her pediatric residency in New Jersey.

Dr. Fernandez Stein has nearly twenty years of experience in the practice of pediatrics. Dr. Fernandez Stein’s passion is helping children. She founded the Mustard Seed Club of Alamance to help children with tutoring and basic religious instruction. She also founded the Soccer in Scouting clinic pack that trains 15 -20 boys each year in scouting and soccer.

Dr. Fernandez Stein was recognized in a national contest for pediatricians doing good deeds for the community in which she placed second. She is an Alamance Community College Trustee since 2008. Her focus is to increase the college graduation rates of Alamance students.

Dr. Fernandez Stein starred in a commercial on the Affordable Care Act that made national news. She has been featured in numerous publications citing her concern over the danger of moving to a single-payer healthcare system and the unintended consequences of medicaid expansion. She has also been featured several times on WFMY News 2 in North Carolina.

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